Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mehndi (Henna) designs for beginners

Hi, everyone...hope everyone is having a good time practicing mehndi...

Today I am going to present to you some mehndi designs that you can use to impress your friends. These designs are simple enough for a beginner to learn, yet complicated enough that they will look like real mehndis. If you can master these simple designs, your mehndi skill will become presentable and you can quickly draw something to impress your friends for any occasion.

So without wasting anymore time, here are the designs I am talking about.


Once you are through with these simple designs, you might also give a try to these two designs which are slightly more complicated.

Another important thing is that it is not necessary to by-heart these designs as it is. If you find them too big at first, you can just draw a subsection of the design. Use your creativity - remove some parts here and there, add some parts here and there, and have fun!

Note that it is really important that you go step by step for your mehndi training. I know you would be very eager, but don't jump directly to these designs if you haven't done the basic shapes first. If you have got your basics right, it should take a few hours of practice to master these designs and become a mehndi artist. 

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Thanks :)