Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introduction to mehndi


I am starting my first blog today. I'll be writing about something that I love doing and teaching and that is Mehndi Designing. Its a beautiful art n getting widely popular day by day. And when you call someone to make mehndi for you, they charge you heavily. So I think, its better to learn than paying heavily for it. All you need is just your Interest n Dedication to learn mehndi.

I want to start teaching for beginners and through this blog I would like to share an easy way of learning mehendi. I have been teaching this technique from a long time and I m sure this will help you a lot.

I am going to teach you d most beautiful type of mehndi according to me, that's Arabic Shaded Design.........

Here are examples of Shaded Arabic Design.


Lets start learning

    The first thing that you need to understand is that before learning mehndi, you need to practice Mehndi designs using a pencil and paper. Once you are comfortable drawing on a paper, you can then move to actual Mehendi.

 As I said that, I m starting this blog for the beginners,so first I'll show you the individual shapes, then how to JOIN that shapes to make a design,and then to fill it with SHADING, etc

  Lets see some of the basic shapes ....

  You have to work on the shapes until you are able to make them flawlessly in just one stroke. In Mehendi designing, perfection is most important because if your design has less or no finishing, it won't look that beautiful. So I would advise you to go slow and steady and attain perfect finishing of each shape from the first step.

This was just an introduction to designing mehendi. In the next blog I will share some more desings and shapes. I''ll surely add some videos also, so that you can understand better. Meanwhile you can practice these. If you have some comments or suggestions, I would like to hear from you...


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Thanks :)